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North Guayatayoc Project

North Guayatayoc project, comprises two entrepreneurships, both offer an exceptional potential to get into the energy and mining markets.

Both are developed in a property of 4.200 acres, belongings of Horizon Resources Jujuy located in the Puna Jujeña, twenty-seven kilometers south of the city of Abra Pampa, in the department of Cochinoca.
The solar radiation reports in this region are the highest in the world, so it is planned to build a 600 MW photovoltaic plant, which will require an estimated investment of seven hundred and eighty million US dollars (US $ 780,000,000) and the installation of almost two and a half million solar panels. The North Guayatayoc Photovoltaic Plant, in full operation, will produce annual financial incomes of more than one hundred and seventy million dollars (US $ 170,000,000), in terms of electricity generation and certified reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, according to current official values. The goal for the first stage of construction is to reach 6MW of power, which represents an investment of eight and a half million dollars (u $ d 8,500,000), and an annual income of more than one million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars (u $ d 1,750 .000). The approval of the financing for the 300 MW Cauchari photovoltaic plant, also located in the Puna Jujeña and with the success of its offer of green bonds in New York, are antecedents that attribute the North Guayatayoc Project as an excellent investment opportunity.
If that´s not enough, to the west of the property you can see large alkaline sediments, the streams that flow into the Miraflores River have crystallizations on the edge and water with brackish flavour. These geological, hydric characteristics and its location within the continental region called "The lithium triangle" suppose a certain possibility to develop the exploitation of lithium and potassium salts, among others, acknowledged by the chemical analyses carried out recently. The growing demand for lithium by the electronics and automotive industries, make this a mineral of high economic and strategic value. In this context, the ultimate global exponents compete to form alliances with companies that develop projects related to their production. The best example in the province of Jujuy is the participation of Toyota in the Sales de Jujuy Olaroz Project, belonging to the Australian group Orocobre. These are determining factors for the sustained increase in the price of Lithium Carbonate, which is estimated to reach thirty thousand dollars per ton (30,000 u$d/ton) by the end of 2017. In addition, for Orocobre stocks this meant an outstanding increase of three thousandths percent (3,000%) in less than ten years.
Horizon Resources Jujuy, enters the market with the ambition to lead the industry in the province and ratify it as the historic national capital of mining. This objective will be consolidated in 2.018, with the incorporation of more than 76600 acres (31,000 hectares) of mining property for research, exploration and development.
Two entrepreneurships, with an exceptional potential



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